Code Pink slams McCain, Obama for shift to Afghanistan
Andrew McLemore
Published: Friday July 25, 2008

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Peace organization Code Pink denounced senators John McCain and Barack Obama Friday for their support of redirecting US troops out of Iraq and into Afghanistan.

Sharply criticizing the senators for "advocating the exact same solution" in the form of more soldiers, the group called for diplomacy from the US government.

"We know that war is not the answer, but what is? Should the U.S. peace movement call for talks with the Taliban? In Iraq, the U.S. government has not just talked to Sunni insurgent groups that killed U.S. soldiers but it is now allied with them."

Code Pink also asked readers to suggest ideas for alternatives to violence.

"Would you advocate a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops? How can we best support Afghan women?"

During a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy Friday, Obama spoke about the need to focus the war on terror in Afghanistan.

"War is never easy, but Afghanistan is a war that we have to win. We do not have an option," he said.

An organization of women devoted to promoting peace, Code Pink war protesters are seen by some as outdated and heavy-handed in their methods.

After donning pink superhero costumes and shouting for peace during a speech by Nancy Pelosi at the Netroots convention, a handful of members were "escorted from the premises," The Economist reported.

The article cited one of many Twitter members disappointed by the hullabaloo.

"Donít want to disrespect but code pink is so 1960,Ē wrote one. treated the group with respectful distaste in a recent expose titled "Cracking Code Pink."

Quoting founders of the organization, the article revealed insecurities in the organization about its effectiveness because of the lack of media coverage.

"We have had eight demonstrations of over 100,000 people -- some much larger -- that got virtually no attention, no response from the White House," co-founder Medea Benjamin said in the story. "C-SPAN is the only mainstream media that isn't censored. We get cut out of everything else."

Although it may criticize Code Pink's flamboyant style, agrees with its current stance on Obama.

The site released a story Wednesday titled "Obama is saying the wrong things about Afghanistan."

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