Rush Limbaugh fights back Democrats with 'reverse petition'
David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Wednesday January 28, 2009

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a campaign to express their outrage at Rush Limbaugh for attacking President Barack Obama, before he really even gets started.

On his radio show last week Limbaugh said that he wanted Obama to fail as president. The Democrats have responded with an web advertisement and online petition and Limbaugh lashed back today with his own "reverse petition" campaign.

"Last week, Rush Limbaugh actually said that he 'hopes' President Obama fails to meet America's challenges," the DCCC petition states. "Jobs, health care, our place in the world - the stakes for our nation are high and every American needs President Obama to succeed. Stand strong against Rush Limbaugh's Attacks — sign our petition, telling Rush what you think of his attacks on President Obama."

Limbaugh talked about how he wants Obama to "fail," during an appearance on FOX News' Hannity last Wednesday.

"I am hearing many Republicans say that — well, we want him to succeed and prominent Republicans," Limbaugh had said. "Yes, we wanted — they have laid down. They have totally — they're drinking the Kool-Aid, too."

Last week, on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart posited that Limbaugh's words could be considered "arguably treasonous."

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey observes that "Rush has an answer today to the DCCC. He has a headline banner linking back to the DCCC’s comment pages, asking readers to load them up with demands to stop lying about the stimulus bill and stop distorting Rush’s remarks. He has already had an effect, as this blog post at the DCCC site shows. It indicates that over 500 comments have been received, but only shows the first 300 — and I’d bet that the rest overwhelmingly support Rush. Feel free to add your own in support of Rush and in support of independent political voices."

"I am greatly puzzled. Why would the Democrats petition against me if I am doing such terrible damage to the GOP?" Limbaugh wrote at his site.

Limbaugh's power with the GOP was highlighted today, after a Republican congressman apologized for remarks attributed to him about the popular conservative talk show host.

Politico reports, "Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) apologized Wednesday to 'my fellow conservatives' for comments critical of talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh – saying he sees 'eye-to-eye' with Limbaugh and that his remarks defending House Republican leadership came across more harshly than intended. He also took issue with a headline on a Politico story about his comments, saying he never told Limbaugh to 'back off,' as the headline read."

The DCCC petition against Rush Limbaugh is available here.

This video is from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, broadcast Jan. 26, 2009.

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