'Don't know much about industry...' Obama ad mocks McCain
Published: Monday August 25, 2008

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If the gloves weren't officially off, they are now.

The latest ad released by the Obama campaign doesn't out-and-out call Republican presidential candidate John McCain a dummy, but it comes close.

A press release states that the ad, 'Don't know much,' was intended to highlight "McCain's inability to manage the economy" and his "desire to instead, just offer four more years of failed Bush economic policies."

The ad changes the lyrics to the classic Sam Cooke song "Wonderful World" to portray McCain as misinformed on key issues.

"I'm not up on the economy," a singer intones as a McCain quip from last winter is shown on the screen: "Economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should."

The song continues, "Don't know much about industry. Really can't explain the price of gas or what has happened to the middle class."

A picture of McCain and Bush smiling together is displayed as the singer sings "but I know that one and one is two." A caption notes that McCain "voted with Bush 90% of the time."

"And if I could be just like you," the song concludes with a picture of McCain embracing Bush ("the infamous hug," TPM's Greg Sargent calls it), "what a wonderful world this can be."

The ad asks, "Do we really want four more years of the same old tune?"

The press release by Obama adds, "At a time when Americans are struggling with soaring costs, McCain will provide more tax breaks to corporations that ship American jobs overseas—and provide no direct relief at all for more than 100 million middle class families. Well, we've tried this approach, and look where it's gotten us. Barack Obama knows that these policies haven't worked for the past eight years and they won't work now."

According to the campaign, the ad "will air on national cable and in battleground states around the country beginning today."

The following video was uploaded to YouTube by the Obama campaign.