Fox cuts off 12-year-old relating Georgian violence
Diane Sweet
Published: Saturday August 16, 2008

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A 12-year-old American girl and her aunt found themselves in the middle of a bombing in Georgia this week while on a vacation to visit family members.

An ABC news affiliate reported, "Amanda Kokoeva likes to swim and hang out with friends in Walnut Creek, but what she went through just five days ago in South Ossetia shocked her and shook the world."

"On the 7th, we were in a cafe and then all of a sudden we heard a bunch of bombs going off and explosions and we got scared," Kokoeva said.

The ABC report continued, "Amanda was at the end of a month and a half long visit with relatives in South Ossetia when a battle broke out between Russia and Georgia. The fighting forced her to spend the night in her uncle's basement."

"Through all this there's explosions everywhere. It was really scary because I had never really heard these kinds of sounds in my life so loud and the whole sky would light up all the time," said Amanda.

ABC's report added, "Her uncle survived, but thousands of others did not. Laura says she was thankful the Russian troops were there to protect the Ossetians."

During an interview on Fox News they were describing how Russian soldiers saved them from the Georgian attack, and helped them get to an airport in Moscow where they were able to fly back home, but the Fox news host abruptly cut them off after just two minutes of recounting the events to go to a commercial break. As they are being cut off, Amanda's aunt says, "Yes, I know you do not want to hear this."

After returning from the commercial break, the Fox reporter gives Amanda's aunt just 30 seconds to speak before saying "As we all know, there are always gray areas in war."