Fox & Friends reports on Clinton's 'pantsuit schedule'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Monday February 25, 2008

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The hosts of Fox & Friends turned culture critics on Monday's show, examining Hillary Clinton's fashion sense and President Bush's dancing.

"Something much more important," began Alisyn Camerota, "which is the clothing schedule for Hillary Clinton and what she wears for her Garanimals -- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."

It seems that the reporters on Clinton's plane put up a gag memo listing Clinton's pantsuit rotation, which drew a laugh from the candidate. "'If it's Monday, she should be wearing electric blue,'" quoted Steve Doocy. "And look at this! There she is on a Monday, wearing electric blue."

"Tuesday is autumn brown," Doocy went on. "And there she is on a sample Tuesday, fresh out of the Sears catalog."

The Fox hosts then noted that the yellow pants suit with black trim which Clinton wore this weekend was a perfect match for the "caution" tape on the overhead luggage compartment of her plane.

"If you saw her over the weekend, you'd mess with her at your own risk," stated Brian Kilmeade, referring to Clinton's harsh rhetoric directed against Barack Obama. "You should have taken caution over the weekend. Sarcasm and anger a-plenty."

"She found her voice," commented Doocy. "And it was louuuud."

"Cleared my sinuses. I owe her one," jabbed Kilmeade.

The Fox hosts then went on to consider whether it is a good thing for public officials to dance in public, showing President Bush boogeying wildly at a recent event during his African tour.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast February 25, 2008.

Transcript via closed captions

brian: europeans still smoke in restaurants and smoke on planes, don't they?

gretchen: i'm not sure they are allowed to do it on airplanes. there was a move across europe to not smoke in restaurants. we will look into that. after the show. i will get back to you tomorrow on that. the clothing schedule for hillary clinton and what she wears for her granimals for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday.

steve: on this plane there was a sign, a memo. she saw it and started laughing because it said that hillary's pant suit schedule, if it's monday, she should be wearing electric blue. look at this. there she is on a monday wearing electric blue back when she and al gore used to talk.

brian: tuesday. well tuesday is autumn brown. there she is on a sample tuesday. fresh out of the sears catalog. isn't day autumn in sears? doesn't it always seem to be fall? sunday is sunshine yellow. when she was reading this she was wearing sunshine yellow.

gretchen: she didn't put this up in the airplane.

:: no. the reporters in the back of the plane.

gretchen: i'm not so sure that her clothing color choice correlates with the day of the week it may correlate with what part of the nation she is in and who she is addressing.

gretchen: st. patty's day, green.

steve: look how she matches the caution tape.

brian: saw her over the weekend, steve, mess with her on your own risk. you should have taken caution. over the weekend sarcasm aplenty aplenty.

steve: she found her voice and it was loud.

brian: it cleared my sinuses. i owe her one. she is my clarity -- claritin.

steve: levitra.

brian: i don't even know what levitra is.

gretchen: next time she amuses you, brian, she will be dancing. a lot of politicians as of late have been seen dancing and singing and what we are wondering this morning is whether or not that's a good thing for high ranking officials to show their, as we said on friday shaking their booties.

brian: steve, you missed this, bush on his own volition felt as though he had to dance. is he having a great time.

steve: like doing the hokie pokey.

brian: he will take his jacket off in a little while.

steve: are you serious?

brian: it came over him. i'm waiting for that moment where i feel i have to dance.

gretchen: any time you are caught on stage and everyone else is moving. there you feel the pressure.

brian: there goes off the jacket. the crowd loves it. he is waving everybody else on. steve: it's cool.