Fox anchor refuses to talk about anything but Edwards' affair
Published: Sunday August 10, 2008

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In the clip below, Fox News' Greg Jarrett deflects repeated attempts by U.S. World and News Report columnist Bonnie Erbe to direct the on-air discussion away from "watercooler talk" such as former Senator John Edwards' recently admitted affair with video producer Rielle Hunter to matters such as the Russians' invasion of Georgia.

"We have these huge stories going on like the one you're reporting in Georgia where you have both candidates, McCain and Obama, taking positions that the American public wants to know more about," Erbe said.

"You know," Jarrett responded, "his excuse for lying is absolutely stunning. He claims he denied the affair because the reporting by the National Enquirer was '99% wrong.' Well, so far, they've been about 100% right.

They were right about the affair, the pregnancy, the recent Beverly Hills late-at-night liaison, and what appears to be hush money that was paid to her. And until he takes a paternity test, he might still be lying, right?"

"He might be," Erbe responded, "and, Greg, let him go on Maury Povich and talk about it. They'll get great ratings. But the American public have told pollsters [that] this political season, they want substance. Both these candidates have expressed support for allowing Georgia into NATO, for example. We are bound by treaty to attack anybody who attacks a NATO member. We could have been on the verge of nuclear war. Those are the kinds of things that the American public want to see discussed."

"Right," Jarrett said. "You know, but getting back to Edwards..."

More of the exchange, as broadcast on Fox News on August 9, 2008, can be viewed below as posted to YouTube.