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Fox mistakenly airs banned attack on Obama
Published: Friday August 22, 2008

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Fox News mistakenly aired most of a new attack ad on Barack Obama after telling The New York Times that they wouldn't run it due to questions about the ad's legality.

In a segment with Shepard Smith and Molly Henneberg, Fox News apparently meant to use an attack ad from the McCain campaign which claims there is a connection between Obama and "convicted felon" Tony Resko.

What the news network used instead was an ad which emphasizes Obama's ties to a 1960s radical named Bill Ayers and connects him to the 9/11 attacks.

The ad was created by a new conservative group called American Issues Project that was co-founded by a former campaign aide to John McCain.

The organization claims it is a non-profit and under no obligation to reveal the identities of its donors, The New York Times reported.

"This has nothing to do with McCain," said group spokesman Christian Pinkston. "This has everything to do with Senator Obama. We feel as if there are issues that have not been explored, and this is an issue that deserves some attention."

Pinkston said American Issues Project wants to spend $2.8 million broadcasting the aid in Ohio and Michigan Thursday night, the Associated Press reported.

CNN and Fox have both refused to air the ad, which might mean other networks will follow their example, but Pinkston is confident the ad will get exposure.

After the ad was cut off when Fox News realized the mistake, Smith said, "Give us a break, it's busy back here today."

This video is from Fox's Studio B, broadcast August 22, 2008.

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