GOP pollster: 'I cannot foresee' scenario where McCain wins
David Edwards and Andrew McLemore
Published: Sunday November 2, 2008

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It doesn't look good for Sen. John McCain.

Both campaigns have pushed polls that show their candidate in a position to win the presidential race, but a Republican pollster said it is highly unlikely McCain will triumph on Tuesday.

"I cannot foresee a scenario that John McCain is elected the President of the United States," pollster Frank Luntz said.

Luntz said the economic crisis was the downfall of McCain's campaign, which enjoyed a 10-day lead over Sen. Barack Obama that "collapsed" with the stock market in mid-September.

McCain told voters he can guarantee a win in the election, though it will be a close race, Radio Australia reported.

But polls show McCain continues to trail behind Obama in key states like Ohio.

"We are very competitive in those areas and we're going to have to just get out our vote and work very hard over the next nine days," McCain said.

Supporters of the GOP hopeful tend to agree with his disregard for the pre-election predictions based on the polls, Reuters reported.

"I don't care about the polls. I think they're designed to affect people's emotions," said photographer Jan Ogle.

But a confident Obama asked voters to be his "ambassadors" and "close the deal," CNN reported.

"In these last three days, we can't afford to slow down or sit back or let up ... not now, not when there's so much at stake," Obama said at a late rally in Springfield, Missouri, his third stop on Saturday.

The following audio is from BBC, broadcast on November 1, 2008.

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