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'Get Your War On' gets its cartoon on
Stephen C. Webster
Published: Friday August 1, 2008

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The darkly political comic strip 'Get Your War On,' penned by comedian David Rees and made popular in the pages of Rolling Stone, is breaching a new medium: the cartoon.

"Ever since Thomas Friedman rejected my application to be his moustache groomer, Iíve searched for a way to serve my country ó and now Iíve found it!" said 'Get Your War On' creator David Rees in a media advisory.

"When 23/6 approached me about animating Get Your War On, I was skeptical they could do justice to my brilliance. However, they assured me I wasnít actually that brilliant.

"Ever since that revelation, Iíve enjoyed breathing life into my beloved clip-art characters. These animations will be like Hobbesí conception of life in the state of nature: 'nasty, brutish and short.' Anyone who enjoys Jib-Jab animations will have a nervous breakdown watching these things."

Watch the first episode:

As part of a new weekly feature on, the show will see new episodes added every week.

"GYWO has been made in to two books and the third, Get Your War On ó The Definitive Account of the War on Terror, 2001-2008 ó is on sale in September," said the press release.

Excerpts from video:


Male 1: "Hey, did you hear they've got more than a million names on the terror?"
Male 2: "A million names?"
Male 1: "Yeah, that's what I heard."
Male 2: "How can you fight a million terrorists?"
Male 1: "Don't worry. A lot of people on those terrorist watch lists aren't even terrorists."
Male 2: "Oh, that's good. Why are they on the list?"
Male 1: "You know, it's stuff like human error, data entry kerfuffles ... That kinda stuff."
Male 2: "America loves a list."
Male 1: "You know, if I was a hardcore terrorist and I was killing people like crazy, blowing shit up trying to get on that list, I'd probably resent the folks who got on the list just 'cause some dufus at Homeland Security made a data entry error. Honestly, I think I would take umbrage."
Male 2: "Yeah, you would take umbrage."
Male 1: "I would take umbrage. I mean look, it's like I'm a straight-up terrorist. I'm a madman with a scragledy-ass beard and blood on my hands. I've earned it. Don't stick me on the same list as some mild-mannered podiatrist from Sioux Falls who's only on it because he's got two hyphens in his name. Put me on a better list!"
Male 2: "A better list?"
Male 1: "Yeah, that list should be for terrorists with sterling transcripts."
Male 2: "You want tougher admission standards, huh?"
Male 1: "I'm saying, get me on the list, and quit f--king around with this bullshit. It's the whole PC mentality. You know, who do I have to kill, to get on the real list?"
Male 2: "I think you're probably on that list now."
Male 1: "No, I'm not. I'm just saying, if I was a terrorist, that's how I would feel."
Male 2: "And I'm saying, you're on the list now."
Male 1: "What?"
Male 2: "You're on the phone right now, saying 'I'm a terrorist.'"
Male 1: "... F--k me, goddamn it. To all the real terrorists out there, I say I'm sorry for getting all up in your list. I don't want to be here more than you want me to, so, you know, please don't kill me or my family."