Glenn Beck weeps on air
Published: Friday March 13, 2009

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In announcing a project that calls for Americans to turn back to the "9 founding principals and the 12 eternal values," conservative Fox host Glenn Beck repeatedly reduced himself to tears. Agitated and emotional, Beck declared, “I'm turning into a frickin' televangelist.”

His broadcast was preceded by a minute-long inspirational video that juxtaposed shots of frowning Washington politicians and 9/11 rescue workers to a soundtrack of ominous violins and Beck's voice. “You know, many in Washington, left and right, want to convince you that they're the solution. I happen to believe that them being the the problem. The system has been perverted and it must be restored.” After listing a few rules that America must obey, Beck spoke while an image of armed troops marched across the screen: “Those who have played by the rules need to be left alone to rebuild our nation.”

"Are you ready to be that person that you were that day after 9/11 -- on 9/12?" Beck, hands shaking, demanded of the camera. "I told you for weeks, you're not alone," he went on.

Beck then turned and jogged to his cheering studio audience to announce that viewing parties were being held all over the country by "just regular people like you." He showed shots of crowds at a bar in Ohio, at Chuck Norris's ranch in Texas, and even claimed that he had viewers on "military bases in Iraq, where real heroes have gathered."

Alleging that "millions are now participating" in his "You Are Not Alone" project, Beck explained amidst a fresh shower of tears that "the real power to change America's course still resides with you... You're the answer."

"I'm sorry," he apologized, seemingly near the point of total breakdown. "I just love my country. And I fear for it.”

The 9-12 project started in mid-February, originally called the You Are Not Alone project. Beck first came up with the Nine Principles to Believe In. The 2nd principle weeds out any atheists (“I believe in God and He is the center of my life”), and the 7th principle gets rid of any philanthropists (“Government cannot force me to be charitable”). Then, a few days later, Beck released the 12 values that will supposedly guide America back to the ways of the founding fathers. Beck claims that these values came from both the Bible and the early days of our nation. He asked anyone who believed in his project to send in a picture of themselves. With those pictures he created a mosaic background for his special project. The words “We the People” were superimposed on the background.

More on the 9-12 project can be found at, Glenn Beck's brand-new conservative blog.

Beck's project brought tears again and again to his eyes during the show. “It seems like the voices of our leaders, and 'special interests', the media, they're surrounding us. It sounds intimidating. But you know what? Pull away the curtain. You'll realize...that there isn't anybody there! It's just a few people that are just pressing the buttons and that their voices are actually really weak. The truth is, they don't surround us. We surround them,” Beck revealed.

This video is from Fox's Glenn Beck, broadcast Mar. 13, 2009.

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