66-year-old minister claims hospital guards tased him over joke
David Edwards and Andrew McLemore
Published: Friday July 25, 2008

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A reverend claims security guards dragged him out of a Toledo, Ohio hospital and tasered and beat him because he told a joke, CBS reported Friday.

Rev. Al Poisson said he was visiting the hospital to see a man who had been injured while Poisson was shopping with his 6-year-old grandson. According to the reverend, an innocent joke about the lack of a smile on a guard's face led to a beating.

Security cameras caught the incident on camera and show at least five officers surrounding a man laying on the floor and beating him.

"It wound up being an atrocious, unbelievable situation, to say the least," the 66-year-old minister said.

"They've cut about five minutes of this video out," Poisson said, describing the length of time he was kicked on the ground by one of the younger guards.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center issued a statement defending the guards' actions which said "the response to the aggression was appropriate."

The hospital pressed charges against Poisson for assault that were eventually thrown out of court, Poisson said.

Poisson is filing a lawsuit with his lawyer Stevin Groth.

"We're going to use the American justice system, put this in front of a jury and let them decide what's appropriate," Groth said.

This video is from CBS Early Show, broadcast July 25, 2008.

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