In harsh new ad, Obama calls McCain 'dishonest, disgraceful, dishonorable'
Nick Juliano
Published: Monday September 15, 2008

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A new week in the presidential campaign brings a harsh new ad from Democratic candidate Barack Obama condemning his opponent for his reliance on false attacks and dishonest smears.

The ad released early Monday morning is perhaps the harshest spot from the Obama camp so far this election season. It cites reviews of John McCain's recent tactics and juxtaposes them against the Republican candidate's earlier promise to stick to the high road in his campaign.

"What happened to John McCain?" a female announcer asks. "He's running 'the sleaziest ads ever.' ... 'Dishonest smears' ... a 'disgraceful, dishonorable campaign.'"

The Obama campaign e-mailed a copy of the ad to reporters around 6 a.m. Monday. It follows a pair of ads released last Friday, including one that mocked McCain for his inability to use a computer.

The New York Times reported last week on plans within the Obama campaign to go on the offensive, after a string of smears from McCain.

After back-to-back attack ads by Mr. McCain, including one that misleadingly accused Mr. Obama of endorsing sex education for kindergarten students, the Obama campaign is planning to sharpen attacks on Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin in an effort to counter Mr. McCain’s attempt to present himself as the candidate of change with his choice of Ms. Palin.
The new ad comes a day after Obama's campaign revealed its record breaking $66 million fundraising haul last month. Obama nonetheless finds himself slipping in national polls as McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin enjoy an extended post-convention bounce.

The following ad, "Honor," was released by the Obama campaign Monday.