Undeterred, Kucinich to introduce another impeachment article
Nick Juliano
Published: Tuesday July 15, 2008

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Resolution to be read by Clerk of House

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) will formally introduce another article of impeachment against President Bush Tuesday as House leaders indicate they're willing to convene a hearing to consider the Ohio Democrat's arguments.

Kucinich will move for a vote on a privileged resolution Tuesday, which likely will result in the impeachment article being referred to the Judiciary Committee. The lawmaker warned he would keep coming back with the resolution if the House voted to dismiss it.

The House Clerk will read the resolution into the record Tuesday before the vote by the full House.

"If it is tabled, I will bring another impeachment resolution back this week," said Kucinich. "Our Constitution is being destroyed. We are losing our nation to a war based on lies. I am determined to get this bill to committee for a hearing," he said. "The President has conducted the affairs of the nation in a manner which cries out for justice and it is the Constitutional obligation of Congress to check his wanton abuses of U.S. and international law. We have troops whose lives were put on the line because the President told them Iraq was a threat to the United States and it was not. The loss of lives of our troops and of innocent Iraqi civilians is a direct result of the lies this president told to Congress. He must be held accountable."

Earlier this week, Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers said he would let Kucinich discuss his arguments for impeachment during a hearing later this summer, but he indicated the committee likely would not act on impeachment.

“We’re not doing impeachment, but he can talk about it,” the chairman said.

The Article of Impeachment alleges that President Bush falsely told the nation that it had no other choice to go to war because Iraq was an imminent threat in possession of weapons of mass destruction, and that the President had repeatedly implied that Iraq had abetted al Qaeda in its devastating attack of 9/11. Kucinich, in his Article, cited documents which assert the White House knew the statements were false at the time they were made.