Malkin: Put Gitmo detainees in Murtha's house
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday January 22, 2009

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With a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showing that support for closing Guantanamo is running at 53% to 42%, Fox & Friends has apparently decided that the best way to drum up opposition to closing the detention center is to terrify Americans with the prospect of terrorists being housed in their own backyards.

Even if it means spinning the news that their own network already reported correctly.

"I think this is going to be a case of 'be careful what you wish for,'" conservative columnist Michelle Malkin began on Thursday. "Obama pledged to have this done by the end of the year, then made sort of public announcements that in fact it would be much harder than he originally thought."

"This caused a huge backlash among a lot of the nutroots on the far left," Malkin continued, "and now we're seeing that the closer this nightmare becomes reality, the more there is public opposition to having these people in your own backyard. ... I think as more people have to reckon with the reality of these people being brought into their backyards and the very concept of jihadi recidivism becomes clear to them ... the opposition will grow."

Malkin focused in particular on a recent statement by Rep. Jack Murtha that "there's no reason not to put them in prisons inside the United States and just handle it the way any other prisoner's handled."

When a reporter asked if he would accept the detainees in his own district, Murtha replied, "I don't have a federal prison, I have a minimum security prison, but sure I'd take them. They're not more dangerous in a prison in my district than they are in Guantanamo."

Although even Fox acknowledges in its online reporting that Murtha clearly meant to say, "I'd take them in my district if I had a federal prison," the Fox hosts were quick to twist Murtha's words. Steve Doocy suggested mockingly, "Just put them in a minimum security work camp in a tent or something like that just outside Philly."

"Let's put them in Jack Murtha's house," Malkin added brightly, "and see how welcoming he is then."

"About Jack Murtha's constituents, I'm sorry, I just can't have any sympathy for them," Malkin continued, apparently already envisioning the prospect of jihadis freely terrorizing the Pittsburgh suburbs. "They're the ones who put this guy back into power. ... You reap what you sow."

Host Brian Kilmeade went even further than Malkin in adding the prospect of detainees from secret CIA prisons overseas and the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan being poured into the US legal system, as well.

"How soon do we hear of the secret prisons that should be shut down with al Qaeda and Taliban's worst?" Kilmeade asked. "How soon till we find out about the Bagram Air Base, with 800 of guys like this shut down? ... And how do we arrest people in the future if we're going to have to deal with these very sticky trials?"

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast Jan. 22, 2009.

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