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Maryland teen arrested after bomb materials, Camp David map found
Nick Langewis
Published: Wednesday August 6, 2008

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18-year-old Collin McKenzie-Gude of Bethesda, Maryland, is now under federal investigation after police found a stockpile of weapons and chemicals in his home.

McKenzie-Gude was arrested with a 17-year-old high school friend and his father, 62-year-old Joseph L. Gude, after an attempted carjacking and assault of a 78-year-old man at a local mall on July 29. The FBI, CIA, Secret Service and the Pentagon have joined local police after the discovery of the Camp David map, a presidential motorcade map, a fake CIA identification card, armor-piercing ammunition, two bulletproof vests, and a list "outlining things to accomplish by October 2008," said Assistant State's Attorney Peter Feeney. Also found were bomb-making chemicals, timers, and a list of addresses of faculty members of St. John's College High School, from which he'd recently graduated.

The 17-year-old has been accused of stealing letterhead from the Montgomery 1st District precinct where he interned to help procure materials restricted to law enforcement officers.

McKenzie-Gude is being held in solitary confinement on $750,000 bond, facing weapons and explosives charges, while his friend is being charged as a juvenile with theft, computer misuse and conspiracy. Joseph Gude, accused of buying guns for his son, faces weapons charges.

The Gazette reported that a concerned aunt had attempted to report McKenzie-Gude to 1st District police on July 22, the day after he brought an AK-47 to the home of his unnamed friend. "When I went to the police they said all kids are interested in guns," the unnamed aunt said. "That it's no big deal." On July 23 the Gaithersburg Police Department took a report, but the aunt continued to press the issue, delivering a letter to county police chief J. Thomas Manger on July 28 saying that she had found items in her nephew's bedroom, including research on the chemicals later found at McKenzie-Gude's residence.

The home search was conducted after the 1st District questioned McKenzie-Gude on July 29 on the aunt's reports. He reportedly "said no and ran to the parking lot and sped away," allegedly attempting the carjacking later that day.

"Corrective action" has been taken in handling citizen reports like the one the companion's aunt made, assured 1st District commander Capt. Darryl McSwain.