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'Give money!' Clinton campaign chairman kids to CNN reporter
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Tuesday May 13, 2008

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When Terry McAuliffe appeared on CNN to discuss Tuesday's primaries in West Virginia and Kentucky and make a case for why Hillary Clinton is still in the race, he punctuated his remarks with appeals to host John Roberts for donations. McAuliffe is the chief fundraiser for the cash-strapped Clinton campaign, which is currently $20 million in debt.

Roberts began the interview by mentioning that he is on McAuliffe's email list, giving McAuliffe an opening to ask "Why don't you send us money?"

Then at the end of the segment, when Roberts said, "Thanks for coming in this morning," instead of replying "you're welcome," McAuliffe instead called out, "Give money! HillaryClinton-dot-com!"

As Roberts yelled back, "No, no," co-host Kyra Phillips broke in with "This is how Hillary Clinton stays in the race. Terry will hit up anybody for cash, even reporters. You have no shame, Terry."

"I wouldn't have had a date in high school if I took no for an answer," McAuliffe replied.

This video is from CNN's American Morning, broadcast May 13, 2008.

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:: let's go back to the popular vote for a second. you said on an e-mail on sunday night, i'm on your mailing list, by the way --

:: why don't you send us money?

:: not going to do that, terry.

:: all right.

:: or declare who i'm for or against.

:: there's still time.

:: you wrote in this, hillary is within striking distance of winning the popular vote nationwide, a key part of our plan to win the nomination. so many people are going to say you're trying to change the rules at the 11th hour.

:: the issue comes down to the superdelegates ultimately for the delegates in florida and michigan. the rules and bylaws committee will hear that case on may 3 1st. the issue is they took away 100% of the delegates. superdelegates were taken away. they are superdelegates because they're members of congress. there are legitimate questions that people have. the bottom line is this is a country of 50 states. of those two states, 2.5 million people voted. they are angry today. i have been in florida. i have been in michigan. they say we want to be part of this process. this is the united america this is the democratic party.

:: terry, one more quick question, george mckoven, who recently switched his allegiances a an op ed in "the new york times." he writes after today's vote in west virginia the two candidates should agree to make joint visits to the sites of the five remaining primaries. they should agree not to criticize each other. he thinks this could heal any kind of growing rift in the party, put it back together, set the stage for a good convention. would you agree with him?

:: yeah. i said, great, george. i think george feels bad he got in the middle of this, didn't realize some of the issues, how close the popular vote s i think my good friend tom daschle from south dakota gave him a lot of information and we were able to give him some other information. but whatever, anything we can do to keep people together we will be unified, john, after june 3rd, but we've got 7 million eligible voters to vote. we have three weeks to go. hillary is on a roll. what does it tell you that the presumed front-runner can't win two very critical states in the fall election? hillary clinton is going to win by double digits.

:: seems to be no contest in what's going to happen today. always good to talk to you. thanks for coming in today.

:: thanks, john. give money.

:: no,


:: this is how hillary clinton stays in the race. terry will hit up anybody for cash.

:: you bet.

:: even reporters. you have no shame, terry.

:: the worst they can say is no. the wouldn't have had a date in high school if i hadn't asked.

:: i'm saying no.

:: everyone including barack obama expects hillary clinton to win west virginia and win big. in fact, even obama is looking ahead. he's not campaigning in wv or even against hillary clinton. suzanne malveaux, who will not hit up for money, live with the obama campaign in louisville to tell us about the strategy. terry mcauliffe will try anything, suzanne.

:: he's shameless. i know terry.

:: the inside scoop.