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McCain VP pick laughed as radio host called Alaskan Senator a 'b*tch' and a 'cancer'
Diane Sweet
Published: Saturday August 30, 2008

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Raw Story obtains full audio podcast

On January 15, 2008, McCain VP nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called into a radio talk show and laughed as the host questioned Alaska Senate President Lyda Green's parenting, and then further attacked the cancer survivor calling her a "bitch" and a "cancer."

At 7:11 in the audio of the program, the host says "Governor, you can't say this, but we can. She is a cancer and she is nothing but a very jealous woman."

Then again at 10:12 in the audio obtained by Raw Story from the Bob and Mark Show, the host says to Palin, "Well, I'm going to say what I wish you could say...Lyda Green is a bitch, and she needs to go away because she is a cancer on the progress of the state of Alaska."

Disc jockey Dan Fagan chastized the governor for what he called "conduct unbecoming a human being, never mind a governor," in an editorial for the Anchorage Daily News. Other editorial writers also demanded that Palin apologize for her behavior.

Gov. Palin's office then released a public statement that said "Governor Palin was caught off guard by Bob Lester's reference to Senate President Lyda Green." But Fagan wrote that he didn't 'buy' Palin's explanation and goes on to relay the continued on-air attack of Green, and Palin's reactions.

"But there is more. Lester then describes Green's chair as big and cushy. A clear reference to the senator's weight. Palin laughs a third time. She's just having a grand old time... Palin was clearly enjoying every second of Lester's vicious attack on her political rival."

"But it gets worse," the columnist continues.

"Lester asks Palin point blank: 'Do you have any idea of what you did, to make Lyda Green dislike you, hate you?'[This portion of the audio can be heard in the audio and the end of the article at 6:42.] How does Palin respond? Does she do the right thing? What you would expect from a mature leader, a governor and say, "Bob, Lyda doesn't hate me..."

The op-ed says that Palin did in fact call Green to apologize, but the writer casts doubt on Palin's sincerity as she tells the radio host from the 'Bob and Mark' Show, DJ Bob Lester, that she would be "honored" to have him pay her a visit.

Gov. Palin made a return appearance on the Bob and Mark Show yesterday, Aug. 29, 2008 with her running mate for the White House, Arizona Senator John McCain.

A YouTube video of the recorded audio portion of Sarah Palin's original radio interview was submitted to Raw Story by a reader.

The following audio is from Bob and Mark Show, broadcast on January 15, 2008.

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