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McCain closes gap on Obama in yet another poll
Published: Thursday August 21, 2008

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Sen. John McCain has narrowed the gap with Sen. Barack Obama, showing the potential damage of an international crisis in Obama's support as well as the effect of negative McCain campaign ads.

The Wall Street Journal NBC poll also shows that only half of those who supported Sen. Hillary Clinton's (D-NY) bid for the presidency are supporting Obama, and nearly one in five say they'll vote for McCain over their party's own nominee.

The poll shows the race is a statistical dead heat, though Obama leads by three percentage points. Forty five percent favor Obama over 42 percent McCain. Obama advantage's edge is down from six points a month ago.

Widespread concerns surround Sen. McCain's age, the poll indicates.

"Nearly four in 10 voters say they are concerned that Sen. McCain, who turns 72 next week, is too old to assume the office," the paper says. "And when the poll gave voters the opportunity to choose among third-party candidates Ralph Nader and Bob Barr, in addition to the two major-party candidates, a small portion did just that, most of them coming from Sen. McCain's column. In a four-way race, Sen. Obama keeps 95% of his supporters while Sen. McCain keeps just 90% of his, a sign that some of the McCain voters are simply supporting him because they don't like the alternative."

McCain's jump doesn't mirror an improvement in his campaign fundraising, however. In June and July the Illinois senator has outraised McCain $105 million to $49 million and outspent him $82 million to $59 million.

"The poll shows how wrong the Washington conventional wisdom has been on this race," said Steve Schmidt, a senior McCain strategist, told the paper.

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