McGovern: Iran attack coming soon
Stephen C. Webster
Published: Sunday June 22, 2008

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In a new editorial published by, former CIA officer Ray McGovern states that he believes "a perfect storm seems to be gathering in late summer or early fall," when the Bush administration and allies in Israel will launch attacks against Iran.

"This time it will be largely the Air Force's show, punctuated by missile and air strikes by the Navy," writes McGovern. "Israeli-American agreement has now been reached at the highest level; the armed forces planners, plotters and pilots are working out the details."

McGovern further references what former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan calls Bush's "bubble."

"By all indications, Vice President Dick Cheney and his huge staff continue to control the flow of information to the president," McGovern elaborates. "... Think back on the White House press conference of Feb. 28, when Bush was asked what advice he would give to Americans facing the prospect of $4-a-gallon gasoline.

"'Wait, what did you just say?' the president interrupted.' 'You're predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline?...That's interesting. I hadn't heard that,'" states McGovern.

He ultimately concludes that a handful of senior military officers have been key in preventing an attack on Iran thus far, though their numbers are thinning thanks to administration efforts.

Finally, McGovern calls on Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, to "do what must be done."

"Does Conyers not owe at least that much encouragement to those courageous officers who have stood up to Cheney in trying to prevent wider war and catastrophe in the Middle East? Scott McClellan has been quite clear in reminding us that once the president decided to invade Iraq, he was not going to let anything stop him. There is ample evidence that Bush has taken a similar decision with respect to Iran with Olmert as his chief counsel, no less.

"It is getting late, but this is due largely to Conyers' own dithering," he resigns.