NBC: 5 of 7 have less favorable view of Palin after debate
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday October 3, 2008

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The challenge for any presidential campaign a month before the election is to win over the remaining undecided voters. Going by the reactions of a group of seven uncommitted female voters from swing states interviewed by NBC News following Thursday night's vice-presidential debate, Sarah Palin fell far short of achieving that goal.

Only two of the women were willing to say they had been favorably impressed by Palin's performance, while the other five indicated they were disappointed or had come away with a less favorable opinion. In contrast, all seven hands went up when they were asked who now had a more favorable view of Joe Biden.

Five of the women had voted for George Bush in 2004, one for John Kerry, and one was a first-time voter.

One of the two women with an improved view of Palin felt she had displayed a real grasp of the issues, saying, "Tonight I saw her come back in force a couple of times, and that impressed me."

The other one of the two noted that "she just seems like somebody that I could sit across the table from and just have this great conversation with. I mean, she's feisty.and I like that." However, even that woman, when asked for a pivotal moment in the debate, stated, "Biden said they would end the war and she said they would not. That's pivotal for me."

Of the women who said they had come away with a less favorable view of Palin, one pointed out, "She avoided questions. ... I really do not feel that she's ready to lead this country."

Another, who was emphatic that "I wanted her to do well," similarly concluded, "She has sealed the deal for me. She is in no way ready to be the vice president -- potential president -- of the United States."

A CBS poll of 473 uncommitted voters produced equivalent, if less dramatic, results. In an incomplete tally on Thursday night, 46 percent said Biden had won the debate -- compared to 21% who thought Palin had won -- and 18% said they were now committed to the Obama-Biden ticket.

In a CNN poll of voters in general, not only did Biden outscore Palin by 51% to 36%, but almost half of those who felt Palin had exceeded expectations still believed she was not qualified to be president.

This video is from NBC's Today Show, broadcast October 3, 2008.

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