New McCain video mocks 'anointed' Obama
Agence France-Presse
Published: Friday August 1, 2008

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John McCain debuted another stinging attack video targeting Barack Obama Friday, this time mocking his White House foe as "The One" -- a quasi-religious figure who "anointed" himself to lead the world.

"Can you see the light?" the hard-hitting negative ad asks, following up on Republican McCain's new campaign theme that the Illinois Democrat is arrogant, transfixed by his own celebrity and not yet ready to lead.

"It shall be known, that in 2008, the world will be blessed," says the narrator of the minute-long web video sent to McCain supporters in a fundraising appeal.

"They will call him, 'The One,'" the advertisement said, using a sarcastic tone and stark religious imagery.

The ad features moments from Obama's soaring speeches, taken out of context, to frame an image of a candidate McCain supporters say presumptuously acted as though he was already president during an international tour last week.

In one clip, Obama is seen being asked in a television interview: "do you have any doubts?" and the Illinois senator's reply "Never."

The ad also features the look-alike presidential seal used in one ill-advised appearance by the Obama campaign, and film footage of a Moses-like figure parting the seas.

"Barack Obama may be 'The One' but is he ready to lead?" asked the narrator, rounding off the ad.

The video was released as a furore raged over the previous McCain attack, ad, which compared Obama to troubled popular culture divas Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and mocked his global celebrity.

There was no immediate comment from the Obama campaign.