Palin supporter brings 'Obama monkey' to campaign rally
David Edwards and Andrew McLemore
Published: Sunday October 12, 2008

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Curious George faced a tough crowd Saturday.

A supporter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin outraged Democratic protesters at a rally by flaunting a toy they called racist.

The man held a stuffed monkey he named "Little Hussein." The toy was a Curious George doll and wore an Obama "Change" sign like a turban.

"Little Hussein wanted to see truth and good Americans," the man said and laughed while holding the toy aloft so the Obama supporters across the street could see it.

The Democratic protesters began chanting "racist" as the man waved the doll at them.

After Palin finished her speech, the man realized a video camera was pointed at him. He removed the Obama sign from the monkey, crumpled it in his hand, and gave the Curious George doll to a young boy, CBS reported.

The boy's parents later said they did not know the man who had given their son the toy.

A news blogger said the man would not have "pulled his stunt at Palin's rally" if the Alaskan governor hadn't already dehumanized Obama by calling him "someone who doesn't think like us."

Rallies for McCain and Palin were marred by inflammatory speech from audience members last week, who shouted "kill him" and "terrorist" when Obama was mentioned.

McCain said he is abandoning character attacks on Obama after polls failed to shift in his favor, The Telegraph reported.

This video is from YouTube, broadcast October 11, 2008.

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