Palin's 2012 talk leaves McCain aide speechless
Nick Cargo and David Edwards
Published: Wednesday October 29, 2008

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Vice presidential contender Sarah Palin told ABC in an interview to air Thursday that she's not going to leave national politics if she doesn't enter the White House in January, fueling speculation that she's considering running for President in 2012.

"I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we've taken...I'm not doin' this for naught," Palin told ABC's Elizabeth Vargas on being asked.

CNN's Dana Bash told cohort Wolf Blitzer that a senior McCain advisor was rendered "speechless" by Palin's comment. "There was a long pause, and then I just heard a 'Huh.' on the other end of the phone. I mean, this is certainly not a surprise to anybody who has watched Sarah Palin that she is interested in potentially...a future national run. Certainly she is being urged to by a lot of people inside the Republican Party if they do lose."

Gov. Palin has already been called a "diva" and "rogue" by people within the McCain campaign who see her straying from prescribed narrative in her speeches, having "lost confidence in most of the people on the plane."

"When two mavericks join up they don't agree on everything but that's a lot of fun," Senator McCain said of the differing viewpoints between himself and his running mate.

The following clip was broadcast on CNN's The Situation Room on October 29, 2008:

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