Palin's former deputy mayor creates calendar of 2012 GOP 'front runner'
Mike Sheehan
Published: Thursday December 18, 2008

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Calendars have long been popular gifts for the winter holidays, with swimsuit models, pop stars and cute animals as reliable subjects.

Now Republicans still abuzz over the November presidential election can look forward to a new favorite for 2009: Gov. Sarah Palin.

The erstwhile vice presidential nominee who ran with Sen. John McCain on the Republican ticket before eventually losing in a landslide to Barack Obama is featured in a calendar being promoted by Human Events. The conservative magazine's Web site has sent around an email on behalf of one of its advertisers, Judy Patrick Photography.

Patrick was deputy mayor to Palin during the governor's time running the small town of Wasilla, Alaska, just a few years before the nod from McCain made her a media sensation and a breath of fresh air to jaded conservatives across the country.

In the emailed version of the advertisement, Palin is descibed as a "front runner in [sic] the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination" who is "showing America that she is willing to reform her own party and politics as usual."

The calendar features over fifty photos of Palin and her family, including many "never before seen" shots. The cover features a picture of Palin, a shotgun on her shoulder pointing down, placed on a backdrop of a large American flag.

Palin has made no secret of her love of hunting (warning, graphic photos), but gained notoriety among wildlife activists for her vigorous defense of a state program that allows hunters to shoot wolves from airplanes to "keep them in check."

She also once competed in beauty pageants that included swimsuit competitions, but there's no indication that the 2009 calendar will contain any cheeky shots of the 44-year-old governor.

The calendar--produced and printed in the US, according to the ad--is marked off 15 percent, in a likely push to get the merchandise out before the end of the year. No word on how much of a cut of the profits, if any, the governor will receive.

The ad for the Palin calendar can be seen at Patrick's AtlasBooks site.