Paper claims McCain has been making fun of Palin in private
John Byrne
Published: Wednesday November 5, 2008

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In a leaked message written by the British ambassador to Washington, the envoy claims that McCain has been "telling friends in recent weeks that Palin is even more trouble than a pitbull," according to a report Wednesday.

In a telegram leaked to the Guardian, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, the British ambassador to Washington, says that McCain has privately been likening Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to a pitbull.

"In one joke doing the rounds, the Republican presidential candidate has been asking friends: what the difference is between Sarah Palin and a pitbull?" the paper says. "The friendly canine eventually lets go, is the McCain punchline."

In examining McCain's discomfort with his now widely-panned running made, the Guardian also noted his "awkward body language between them during his concession speech in Phoenix, Arizona."

"Sheinwald recently wrote a lengthy assessment of McCain in a telegram which winged its way across the Atlantic to Whitehall," the paper added. "The jaws of senior mandarins dropped when they read Sheinwald's account of McCain's thoughts on Palin which the ambassador reportedly picked up from a military friend of McCain's. The telegram was restricted to an even smaller group of people than usual for fear of another embarrassing leak. 'We took one look at this and hid it away,' one Whitehall source said."

Whitehall is a main road in Westminster, England, used as a reference to UK government bureaucracy.