Poll: Obama crushing McCain in battlegrounds
Published: Wednesday October 1, 2008

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Up 8 in Florida, 8 in Ohio, 15 in Pennsylvania

Last week's presidential debate bounced Barack Obama past majority support in three key swing states that have helped decide the last two elections.

The Democratic candidate has surpassed 50 percent in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, and he holds leads over Republican John McCain of eight to 15 points, according to a new Quinnipiac swing state poll.

In Florida, its Obama with support from 51 percent of voters to McCain's 43 percent. Ohio has it for Obama 50-42, and Pennsylvania gives Obama his larges lead 54-39, according to the poll. The poll reflects a small bounce compared to Obama's pre-debate numbers and reflects more voter confidence in his ability to handle the economy.
Gov. Sarah Palin's sagging favorability and more voter confidence in Sen. Barack Obama's ability to handle the economy are propelling the Democrat to wider likely voter leads over Republican John McCain in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to simultaneous Quinnipiac University Swing State polls released today.
Quinnipiac notes that no president has been elected since 1960 without winning two of those three swing states.

"It is difficult to find a modern competitive presidential race that has swung so dramatically, so quickly and so sharply this late in the campaign. In the last 20 days, Sen. Barack Obama has gone from seven points down to eight points up in Florida, while widening his leads to eight points in Ohio and 15 points in Pennsylvania," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

"Sen. John McCain has his work cut out for him if he is to win the presidency and there does not appear to be a role model for such a comeback in the last half century," Brown added.