Porn star may challenge senator linked to DC madam scandal
David Edwards and John Byrne
Published: Monday February 9, 2009

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'The Storm's A Brewin,' Draft Stormy says

A website has launched a petition in an effort to draft adult entertainer Stormy Daniels to run against Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter -- and the would-be challenger granted her first interview at an Arizona hotel, where she was performing at a strip club.

"While traveling through Arizona last week, I learned that Daniels would be performing at a Phoenix strip club," muckraking reporter Max Blumenthal wrote Monday. "I tracked the adult-video starlet down at her hotel and filmed the first interview with her since the Draft Stormy initiative began. During our exclusive interview, Daniels homed in on what she called Vitter's hypocrisy, declaring her intention to make his contradictory behavior the centerpiece of her campaign."

"Originally the focus wasn't even about making me as a candidate," Daniels said. "I think it was about bringing attention to the Senate race in general and then the response was overwhelmingly positive and, you know, I think everyone is just running with it."

Vitter's phone number was found in the records of the D.C. madam who apparently committed suicide last year and may have led to the resignation of CIA director Porter Goss. Now he could get a sampling of what he may have already sampled: an eyebrow-raising woman who's paid to perform. Only this time, it could be at the ballot box.

"A Storm's A Brewin..." the Draft Stormy website says. "A Storm that�s gonna sweep Louisiana clean of corrupt politicians once and for all! And that Storm�s name is Stormy. Stormy Daniels.

"Honesty, passion and strength of character," the site adds. "These are the traits Louisiana needs in a Senator at this crucial time. And honesty, passion and strength is what is this Storm is all about."

Blumenthal says Vitter is positioning himself to the right of center as the midterm elections approach.

"With 2010 midterm elections approaching, Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter is positioning himself as a leading conservative stalwart," Blumenthal writes. "In July 2008, Vitter joined accused bathroom-stall sex solicitor Sen. Larry Craig in co-sponsoring the anti-gay-marriage Marriage Protection Amendment, then addressed a massive antiabortion rally on the National Mall three days after Barack Obama's inauguration. Vitter was also the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's lone vote against sending Hillary Clinton's secretary of State nomination to the Senate floor."

Vitter also recently mocked the inclusion of anti-sexually transmitted diseases measures in the recent stimulus bill on the Senate floor.

Eager for a challenger that could mock if not unseat Vitter, an ad appeared on Craigslist recently seeking "a female in some aspect of the adult-entertainment industry" to run against Vitter, Blumenthal notes.

"Part publicity stunt, part political psy-ops tactic, the Draft Stormy initiative has already forced Vitter's scandalous past back into the limelight," Blumenthal writes. "The Louisiana Democratic Party denied any involvement in creating the website, but it is not complaining about Daniels' involvement in the race.

"I personally have no issues with his sexual activities or his sexual preferences or whatever it is that he wants to do. My issues with him -- who am I to judge, right? My issue with him is that he is a hypocrite and call me what you will but you can't call me a hypocrite," Daniels told Blumenthal

This video is from CNN's American Morning, broadcast Feb 9, 2009. Blumenthal's interview on the Daily Beast follows below.

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