In Fox interview, Clinton 'thanks' Rove
David Edwards and John Byrne
Published: Wednesday March 5, 2008

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A jovial Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took to FOX News early Monday to spin their respective performances in Tuesday’s pivotal Democratic primaries – and faced critiques from former Bush ‘architect’ Karl Rove.

Clinton parried a question about her “humanity,” wooing the network she had once decried.

“I have a little secret, which I will only tell Fox, if you promise not to tell anybody else,” she said. “You know what, I really am a human being. I know that’s hard to believe, but it happens to be true.”

Karl Rove “has handed me a note,” added Fox anchor Steve Doocy (the clip takes place at 2:51). “More US presidents have been born in the month of October than any other month. You were born in—?”

“October,” Clinton replied. “Thank you, Karl. I mean the omens are just stacking up. What can I say?”

Asked about a Rush Limbaugh effort to have Republicans vote for Clinton in Texas, Clinton said, “Be careful what you wish for, Rush.”

Obama, meanwhile, noted that he still held a sizable lead among Democratic delegates, despite Clinton’s Tuesday victories in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.

“It’s going to be hard for her to close the delegate lead,” Obama said. “We expect that we’ll be vigorously contesting all of these states. We are in a very strong position to win the nomination… we’re anxious to pivot to November to have a debate about which direction we want to move the country.”

Rove complimented Clinton’s performance.

“I thought it was good, light—that’s the side of her Americans don’t see much,” he said.

Meanwhile, the onetime Bush adviser attacked Obama, saying he had failed in his three years in the Senate to “achieve big things.”

“He has not done that in his three years in the Senate,” Rove quipped.

The following videos are from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast March 5, 2008.

Hillary Clinton interview

Barack Obama interview