Scarborough drops F-bomb on live television
Nick Juliano and David Edwards
Published: Monday November 10, 2008

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MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough absentmindedly let slip an expletive during Monday morning's broadcast.

"These are good decent steady men who don't go around flipping people off or screaming 'fuck you' at the top of their lungs," Scarborough said, (about the 2:30 point in the below video).

The host apparently was oblivious that he had let the word slip; he was praising Barack Obama and the president-elect's stable of campaign advisers, contrasting them with the bare-knuckled approach of incoming chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Notably, this isn't the first time Scarborough has let the expletive slip during a live broadcast. In 2006, Scarborough described his introduction from host Tucker Carlson as "pretty fucking awesome."

Morning Joe broadcasts live, and viewers saw the curse word un-bleeped. Scarborough's co-hosts had to point out what he had just said, prompting numerous apologies.

After a commercial break, Scarborough was able to joke about the incident.

"The e-mails keep coming in to Morning Joe, now with an extra jolt of espresso," he said.

Broadcast networks are embroiled in a Supreme Court battle over previous incidents where the word has gone out on the air.

It's unclear what consequences Scarborough or MSNBC will face, although in recent years the FCC has made a point of cracking down on networks that air "fleeting expletives" during live broadcasts such as award shows. Cable broadcasts, though, generally are not subject to FCC obscenity regulations.

The FCC's policy is subject to a current Supreme Court case. The government is trying to fine broadcasters for curse words spoken during award show broadcasts, such as when Bono pronounced U2's Golden Globe award "fucking brilliant in 2003." An appeals court already has ruled against the FCC's stringent standard.

This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast November 10, 2008.

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