Fox suggests swiftboat author being swiftboated himself
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday August 15, 2008

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Jeromi Corsi, the author of Obama Nation, was welcomed to Fox & Friends on Friday to respond to charges made against him and his book in a 40-page rebuttal from the Obama Campaign, "Unfit for Publication."

"Essentially it calls you a liar and a bigot," suggested Fox's Steve Doocy.

"I think some juvenile leftists have taken over the Obama campaign and gotten a hold of Photoshop," Corsi replied. "Now I'm getting death threats and hate mail from Obama supporters."

"You're getting these death threats because you wrote a book," Doocy agreed, "and in fact there's a website, Daily Kos, that's published your home address."

RAW STORY has been unable to find Corsi's home address at Daily Kos -- only his email and the address and phone number of one of his employers -- but it is possible that it was posted and then removed by site moderators.

Corsi is the author of 2004's Unfit for Command, which launched the Swift Boat attacks against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. During the last two weeks, Obama supporters have been moving quickly to discredit Corsi as well as his book before his more outrageous charges can gain general credence.

"A lot of people have suggested," continued Doocy, "well, the Obama campaign is not going to allow their candidate to get swiftboated once again by this guy. Do you feel almost as if you yourself are being swiftboated?"

"In a way, but I also think the Obama campaign is making the identical mistakes of the Kerry campaign," Corsi replied. "They started now calling me names and trying to get the New York Times to introduce me as a gadfly. ... They're quibbling about details."

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast August 15, 2008.

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