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Spotlight hits Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as Obama VP pick
Published: Tuesday August 19, 2008

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Might Senator Obama be on track to announce Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as his running mate? Speculation abounds.

The Palmetto Scoop's Adam Fogle cited an insider source that said that Kaine and high-ranking Virginia officials met in Kaine's office for an emergency line-of-succession meeting. Fogle's source said that Obama was either going to choose Kaine, or left Kaine with the impression that he would be chosen.

Kaine, a personal friend of the Senator's, has recently been the subject of speculation that he would be chosen. More recently, he has been on Obama's shortlist, along with Senators Joseph Biden (D-DE) and Evan Bayh (D-IN). Biden today has issued a denial of sorts that he will be Obama's pick, telling ABC reporters this morning "I'm not the guy."

"The Democrats want Virginia to be blue this year," said MOMocrats' Lawyer Mama, convinced that Kaine is going to be Obama's pick. "They want it baaaad. I'm a volunteer for the Obama campaign. I know how badly they want it. Kaine could certainly help make that happen. Kaine is on the conservative side of the Democratic party. He is pro-life and pro-guns. (Although the pro-guns thing is pretty much a given in the South.) This can help Obama with more conservative voters."

Kaine also spent last weekend stumping for Senator Obama at a series of town hall meetings around his home state. "It has been really nice to be mentioned, my mom loves it," he responded to one question about his potential as Obama's pick. "I never thought it was very likely, for a variety of reasons." Obama is set to visit Virginia on Wednesday to meet with Gov. Kaine, the "first statewide official outside of Illinois to back [Obama's] candidacy," and Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) at an invitation-only engagement.

"I don't think Biden knows any more than the rest of America knows on who will be the next VP," speculated noted blogger Steve Clemons, who predicts that Biden will say "I'm not the guy" until he knows for certain whether or not he is Obama's choice.