Stewart skewers Cheney's 'dickishness masquerading as introspection'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Tuesday January 20, 2009

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Comedy Central's Jon Stewart turned with a note of nostalgia on Monday to The Daily Show's final installment of "You Don't Know Dick."

"Vice-President Cheney said his last goodbyes via an exit interview with Jim Lehrer," Stewart began, characterizing Cheney's attitude as one of "defensiveness mixed with dickishness masquerading as introspection."

"The economic downturn is on a par with the Great Depression," Lehrer suggested to Cheney. "Isn't that part of the stewardship of the president and the vice president and his administration to see these things coming and try to prevent them?"

"Did you see it coming?" Cheney shot back. "You're an expert."

Stewart boggled at this. "This whole thing has been Jim Lehrer's fault!" he whispered conspiratorially. "I knew it! Lehrer!"

Lehrer further asked Cheney, "The president has also said that he made some mistakes in the last eight years. Did you make any?"

"Well -- make mistakes," Cheney replied reflectively. "I can think of places where there were -- where I underestimated things. ... For example, talking about Iraq, the extent to which the Iraqi population had been beaten down by Saddam Hussein was greater than I anticipated."

"Is it fair to say, then," Lehrer continued, "that the miscalculation resulted in the chaotic situation that existed immediately after ... the invasion and all that sort of stuff?"

"I can't say that," Cheney shurggled. "I can't link those two particular points."

At this response, Stewart screeched in anguish.

"You can't link those -- you linked Saddam Hussein and 9/11!" Stewart yelled. "You were the Link-master! You were Art Linkletter, Linky Tuscadero, Linc from the Mod Squad, Abraham Linkage! But that mystifies you!"

"I guess if we expect a man who's kept alive by IV drips of panda tears and angel blood to understand cause and effect," concluded Stewart sadly, "we still just don't know Dick. And probably never will."

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Jan. 19, 2009.

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