Liberal radio host offers McCain VP tips
Diane Sweet
Published: Thursday August 28, 2008

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The host of a liberal radio show has some tips for John McCain's VP search, althout it's doubtful that the GOP presidential candidate will be listening.

Mike Papantonio of GoLeft TV and Air America's Ring of Fire shares his thoughts on Senator John McCain's possible choices for a running mate. The New York Times reported Wednesday that the Arizona senator had made his decision, and that it would be revealed Friday.

Papatonio's preferred choice for McCain's VP -- he admits he's an Obama supporter -- is Louisiana's Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal.

He recounts Jindal's claims that he "cast supernatural spirits out of the body of one of his close friends" with bemused disbelief that he was elected governor after making the claim.

"I have always believed that there is too much importance placed on the vice-presidential choice, but a bad choice can be devastating," says Papantonio. He further explains how Rush Limbaugh's attacks on McCain as being too old, too angry, and too liberal will be difficult to overcome without a dominant running mate that allows McCain to "almost disappear." He then suggests Virginia's Eric Cantor or Florida's Charlie Crist.

"But as an Obama supporter, my first choice for McCain would be Bobby Jindal because I can visualize the entertaining ads that would surface in that race," Papatonio says.

Of Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts who is reportedly on McCain's short list, Papantonio quips that he is the "less creepy choice" yet warns again that Romney would likely face difficulty overcoming the Republican's own campaign of equating Romney's Mormon faith with 'cult-like' groups.

The Pap Attack closes by saying that he'll continue to pull for Jindal or Romney. The video follows below.