Vermont AG candidate says she would prosecute Bush for murder
Published: Friday September 19, 2008

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A local candidate in Vermont has promised to charge and prosecute President Bush for murder if elected as that state's attorney general.

The Associated Press reports that Charlotte Dennett, who's running on the Progressive Party ticket to be Vermont's Attorney General, promised to appoint a special prosecutor to bring charges holding Bush accountable for the deaths of more than 4,000 troops in Iraq.

Dennet, speaking at a press conference in Burlington this week, said she would appoint Vincent Bugliosi as a special prosecutor in the case. A former Los Angeles County district attorney who was in charge of Charles Manson's murder case, Bugliosi has outlined his strategy against the president in his recent book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

"Someone has to step forward," Dennett said at a news conference with Bugliosi, according to AP. "Someone has to say we cannot put up with this lack of accountability any more."

Bugliosi, 74, ... said any state attorney general would have jurisdiction since Bush committed "overt acts" including the military's recruitment of soldiers in Vermont and allegedly lying about the threat posed by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in speeches that were aired in Vermont and elsewhere.

"No man, even the president of the United States, is above the law," said Bugliosi.
Vermont's state Senate adopted a resolution to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney, earning some mockery from the White House spokeswoman, and the president hasn't once visited the northeastern state, where plenty of residents loathe him.

The state's current Attorney General, William Sorrell, tells AP he doesn't think he could legally prosecute Bush, even if he wanted to.

"The reality is, in my view, that unless the crime takes place in Vermont, then I as the attorney general have no authority under Vermont law to be prosecuting the president," Sorrell said.