Wall Street Journal questions McCain's honor
John Byrne
Published: Tuesday November 11, 2008

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The conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal called out Sen. John McCain Tuesday, excoriating his campaign for leaking "nasty stuff" about Gov. Sarah Palin after the election and questioning his honor.

"Where's John McCain's honor when we need it?" the Journal remarks. "In the week since the election, Mr. McCain's campaign team has leaked some nasty stuff about Sarah Palin. These leaks are personal, and they speak more to the character of Mr. McCain and the leakers than they do to Mrs. Palin. So it will be telling if Mr. McCain stands up for his partner and says how offended he has been by what some of his staffers have done to her."

"Two weeks or so before the campaign was over, the first round of McCain campaign rumors alleged that Mrs. Palin was a 'whack job,' and characterized her clothes-shopping as "hillbillies looting Neiman-Marcus from coast to coast.'"

An adviser also leaked a claim that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent, an allegation Palin denies.

"The first point to make here is the most obvious: This is the language of losers," the Journal says. "This whole display calls to mind those embarrassing codas to each episode of "The Apprentice," when the losing team would sit before Donald Trump in the boardroom and then start blaming everyone but themselves for their failures. The apparent eagerness of Team McCain to indulge in this kind of fingerpointing is similarly unprofessional, and it raises an interesting question.

"We are asked to believe that Mrs. Palin was not ready for a national campaign," the paper adds. "On what evidence from any part of this election are we to conclude that anyone on the McCain campaign team was ready for a national campaign?"