Capitol rioter busted after friend posts video proclaiming her as 'new speaker of the House'

An accused U.S. Capitol rioter was arrested despite her friend's assurances that she'd been too difficult to track down.

The FBI received a tip Jan. 7 that Nicole Prado traveled from their home in Maryland and took part in the insurrection, and agents later identified her from evidence posted on social media.

"Please meet the new congresswoman," said the other person, who posted video of Prado inside the Capitol on their Instagram account. "She was just in the Capitol for the first time today. She stormed the Capitol, she's the new congresswoman. She's the new speaker of the House."

The FBI obtained a search warrant Feb. 25 for that person's Instagram account, which had been deleted out of fears of being charged with trespassing, and found private communications with a third individual who assured the other person that Prado could not be identified through their posts.

"They would have to cross reference too much," that individual said. "Do police have her fingerprints and mugshots? It's only corroborating but it's weak."

Prado's cell phone data showed she had been inside or near the Capitol on Jan. 6, although the other person had not been in Washington until later that afternoon, and security video showed Prado inside the building during the riot.

She was charged with attempting to disrupt Congress, but the person who made the social media posts has not been charged.