North Carolina GOP mocked after it blames Biden for man 'paying $200 more a week in mayonnaise'
Joe Biden (AFP)

The price of mayonnaise is up in North Carolina -- and the state's Republican Party is pinning the blame on President Joe Biden.

The North Carolina GOP on Tuesday promoted an article about inflation by local news station WXII 12 that highlighted the increased costs a local restaurant owner is facing thanks to what many economists say is a "transitory" wave of inflation caused by demand in the economy exceeding the ability of supply chains to deliver sufficient goods.

The NC GOP called this phenomenon "Bidenflation" and pointed to the plight of one restaurant owner who complained that "I am paying $200 more a week in mayonnaise."

The party was quickly ridiculed, as it's unclear whether the average consumer can relate to spending hundreds of dollars on mayonnaise.

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