Ben Crump and Bakari Sellers blast North Carolina officials for edited body cam video
Bakari Sellers (Screen Shot)

Attorneys Benjamin Crump and Bakari Sellers at a press briefing currently ongoing blasted North Carolina county attorneys after the family of Andrew Brown, Jr. were able to see only a portion of what they say is edited police body cam video, repeatedly saying they were only shown 20 seconds.

Sellers, who is also a CNN analyst, accused the county attorney of telling him "he was not f*cking going to be bullied" by Sellers.

"One body cam, 20 seconds, execution," Sellers said, describing the video. "One body cam, 20 seconds, and execution."

"As we're going through this process we told the family that they would have their attorneys in there at some conference. We went back and forth and I just want you to say I've never been talked to like I was talking to him."

Deputies in Elizabeth City, North Carolina shot and killed Brown on April 21. CNN reports the death certificate says Brown died from a “penetrating gunshot wound of the head."

Attorney Crump called the police shooting of Brown an "execution."

This is a breaking news and developing story.