NC GOP torched after its latest voter fraud probe comes up 'nearly empty' in scathing newspaper op-ed

Republicans in North Carolina are still insisting that they're the victims of widespread voter fraud, despite the fact that yet another probe launched by a Trump-appointed attorney has turned up no evidence of election-altering fraud.

An editorial published by the Raleigh News & Observer this week scorched the state GOP for continuing to hype up mass voter fraud claims even after multiple investigations into these claims have come up "nearly empty."

The editors first detailed how Robert Higdon, the former Trump-appointed U.S attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina, at last released the results of his years-long voter fraud probe that found a grand total of 40 people in the entire state who had allegedly cast ballots illegally.

"Pat Gannon, spokesman for the State Board of Elections, gave the proper epitaph for the years-long hunt for North Carolina's share of what former President Trump had said were 'millions' of votes cast by illegal immigrants in 2016," the editors wrote. "Gannon said Friday, 'There is no evidence whatsoever of any type of widespread election fraud in North Carolina.'"

The editors also bashed Republicans for their campaign against State Board of Elections Director Karen Brinson Bell, who last year expanded the number of days in which the state would accept absentee ballots postmarked by election day.

"What she did was oversee a fair election that set a record turnout under the difficult circumstances of a pandemic," the editors wrote. "And it was an election in which Republicans did well. They should be applauding Brinson Bell, not accusing her. But when it comes to elections these days, Republicans would rather stir suspicion than acknowledge the truth."