NRA ripped for ‘masterclass in bad faith and dishonest conduct’ by New York AG’s office

The National Rifle Association was blasted by the office of New York's attorney general on Monday.

Law & Crime reports, "The National Rifle Association's bankruptcy trial kicked off to fireworks in a federal court in Texas on Monday, as a lawyer from New York Attorney General's office ripped CEO Wayne LaPierre's gambit as a 'masterclass in bad faith and dishonest conduct.' When the NRA filed a federal bankruptcy petition in Texas earlier this year, the group's website boasted of being 'in its strongest financial condition in years.' The GOP power broker claims that it is 'dumping New York' and 'utilizing the protection of the bankruptcy court' in order to organize its 'legal and regulatory matters in efficient forum.'"

Assistant Attorney General Monica Connell said, "By the NRA's own words, it is not only solvent but financially strong."

USA Today reporter Nick Penzenstadler noted the NRA attorney admitted some facts in the case were "moderately cringeworthy."