NYPD accused of standing by while woman was stabbed 40 times in her apartment: report
NYPD officer (Edward Blake/Flickr)

The New York Police Department has reportedly been accused of failing to properly respond to a disturbing murder in which a woman was stabbed 40 times inside her own apartment.

The victim was Christina Yuna Lee, 35. Authorities say the killer saw Yuna Lee at her apartment building and then followed her up six flights of stairs to her apartment before pushing his way in when she opened the door. The suspect then stabbed her more than 40 times in the torso, head, and neck, before hiding under a mattress.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office says Yuna Lee's neighbor called 911 after hearing a scream for help. Police officers arrived outside the door of the victim’s apartment and heard her calling for help inside, "but could not gain entry," according to prosecutors. By the time they did enter, Yuna Lee was dead. They charged Assamad Nash with the brutal murder.

Now, the family of Yuna Lee is now suing the NYPD for failing to save her, according to the Daily Beast's Friday report.

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"The lawsuit, filed Friday, accuses two NYPD officers of standing idle outside Lee’s apartment while she screamed and was repeatedly stabbed behind a locked door—an inaction they allege is why Lee ultimately lost her life," it reported.

The Daily Beast further includes an excerpt from the lawsuit, which claims officers had reason to believe Yuna Lee was in "imminent danger."

“Despite having reason to believe Ms. Lee’s life was in imminent danger,” the lawsuit says, according to the Daily Beast's reporting, “(the officers) failed to gain entry to Ms. Lee’s apartment or otherwise provide her with any potentially life-saving police or medical assistance.”

The lawsuit reportedly also notes that the NYPD’s 5th precinct is situated just blocks away from the scene of the heinous crime.