OAN reveals Times reporter's personal phone number and email address live on air

The One America News network is being criticized for revealing the personal information of a New York Times reporter on live television.

According to OAN, the reporter has been speaking to OAN staff about the culture of the work environment and bullying or intimidation in the staff. The reporter told the OAN staffer to call or email any time they wanted to chat "on whatever terms make you comfortable," OAN said. They then doxxed the reporter, showing the email and phone number listed in the chat.

"Journalists should be allowed to do their jobs without harassment. Our reporter will not be intimidated and will continue to follow the facts where they lead," the New York Times told CNN's Oliver Darcy in a statement.

OAN has served as the far-right fringe network for President Donald Trump and his supporters in wake of the former president's war wiith Fox News.