Prosecutors show details about the thousands Oath Keepers chief spent on arsenal
Stewart Rhodes (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

Elmer Stewart Rhodes spent thousands to develop an arsenal of weapons in preparation for the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, prosecutors claimed Monday in court.

According to, the Oath Keepers founder was chairing the group when $200,000 in withdrawals were made from an ATM at a Bass Pro, a Lowe's and a gas station. The accounts were those used by the group. The purchase included a stockpile of weapons.

Prosecutors called it an example of "parking lot purchases," which are private sales under the radar.

Receipts show that the items purchased were "firearm accessories, including 14 magazines, eight sights and one scope leveling kit, at retail shops around the same time," CNN quoted.

The case hasn't reached the point where prosecutors explain how the weapons were used. But on Monday, an FBI agent told the jury that Rhodes isn't on the security footage of the hotel and the weapons were found in a storage unit.

There was a room in a Virginia hotel where the group's "quick reaction force" was stashed. According to discussions on their private channel, the group had the weapons there as well as someone ready to help bring them into Washington if there was a larger necessity for them. At one point an individual suggested that they stash the weapons on a boat on the Potomac River, where they could access them easier than someone having to bring them into the city from Virginia and contend with roadblocks and crowded streets.

The weapons Rhodes purchased ended up in Rhodes' personal collection.

The purchases are part of the prosecutors' case that Rhodes and the Oath Keepers were preparing for something more than a day in the park at the U.S. Capitol. They knew that a violent conflict was coming and they were ready for it.

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