Oklahoma stalker who left food and candy at victim's door assaults woman and shoots her husband
Justin Arthur-Ray Davis (Photo: Tulsa County jail)

New York Daily News reported Monday that a Tulsa, Oklahoma man has been arrested after assaulting his stalking victim and shooting her husband.

The incident began when Justin Arthur-Ray Davis stalked a former co-worker for more than a month after he quit his job. According to police, he would leave food and candy at the doorstep of her Tulsa apartment.

"The stalking took a violent turn on Good Friday when the armed suspect attacked the victim and her husband in broad daylight, according to police," the NYDN reported.

His victim was leaving work when she and her husband saw Davis in his truck. According to a news release by authorities, Davis got out of his truck with a shotgun and ran after the couple.

The couple ran to their apartment, but Davis shot through the door, hitting the husband in the hand. Davis then got inside the apartment and grabbed the woman, dragging her down the stairs while choking and punching her. Neighbors called the police.

When the husband recovered and came back downstairs, Davis pointed the shotgun at the man and threatened to kill him if the women didn't get into his truck, police said. Davis fired his shotgun into the air twice as well.

"But cops arrived at the scene before the woman could get into the vehicle and Davis decided to take off, leading officers on a chase down Interstate 44," the report also said. Davis ultimately lost control of his truck and crashed.

Davis is being held on $300,000 bail at the Tulsa County Jail.

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