Over 80 dogs removed from Florida puppy mill due to 'extreme malnourishment'

An alleged puppy mill in a Florida town was shut down by local police after they removed 80 animals from the facility, the Orlando Weekly reports.

The DeSoto County Sheriff's Office announced that the mill's closure was due to "deplorable conditions," including "urine and feces everywhere" and "no food or water in sight." Police were informed about the mill after a woman complained that her puppy lost five pounds while in the mill's care.

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Other reports of abuse emerged, including one about a veterinarian who refused to spay a puppy due to it being extremely malnourished.

"Puppy mills like Strawberry Farms are part of a larger economy of sick, mistreated animals that tends to culminate in retail storefronts," the Orlando weekly reports. "Orange County recently made the retail sale of puppies, cats and rabbits illegal to attempt to remove much of the motive behind these mills. That ruling came well after many customers and employees reported horrific conditions within local stores like Petland Waterford Lakes."