Parler social network drops lawsuit against Amazon
Parler (AFP)

Parler, the social network attracting conservatives and Donald Trump supporters, has dropped its lawsuit against Amazon for cutting off web hosting for the service.

A motion filed late Tuesday offered no reason for the dismissal and left open the possibility of refiling, but the case has become largely moot since Parler has relaunched with a new web hosting partner.

Parler claimed to have over 20 million users before being pulled from the Apple and Google online marketplaces and effectively shut down when Amazon Web Services cut ties over allegations the platform failed to stop incitement of violence ahead of the January 6 siege of the US Capitol.

Parler, which calls itself "the free speech social network," has steered clear of the aggressive content moderation by big platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which banned Trump and some of his supporters rejecting the outcome of the US presidential election.

At least one US lawmaker has asked the FBI to investigate the role Parler played in the Capitol attack as well as ties it may have to Russia.