Leak: White supremacists planned to implicate girlfriends in attacks to keep them quiet
Members of Patriot Front (Photo by Kent Nishimura for Shutterstock)

According to a report from the Daily Beast, 17 hours of leaked recordings of white supremacist Patriot Front members revealed that they were not only planning acts of vandalism but also discussed ideas for making sure their girlfriends didn't rat them out to authorities afterward.

The Beast's Kelly Weill reports that the audio recordings, obtained by media non-profit Unicorn Riot, included conversations about upcoming protests, plans to recruit as well as conversations about their personal lives.

As Weill wrote, conversations about their girlfriends and how they might react to their antics were a major concern.

The Beast report notes, "The leaked chats and audio recordings give more insight into the group, including plans to target Black and LGBT artwork, and to 'blackmail' members’ girlfriends participating in hate sprees," with Weill adding, "The vandalism was also intended to keep Patriot Front members’ partners from turning on the group, the leaks suggest. In the recordings, a group leader tells members to bring their girlfriends to graffiti events, so that they would be less likely to report them to authorities in the future."

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In a back-and forth in the leaked recordings, one unidentified Patriot Front member told an associate, "She knows the second she says anything or if I get in trouble, she goes down the shitter, too,” to which his colleague answered, "A blackmail situation,” earning a "Pretty much" reply.

The Beast also reported, "Another said he had taken his ex on a graffitiing excursion “and I think that’s part of the reason she won’t dox me, cause like, if she says anything, it’s like well to be fair, you did white supremacist activism, too, at one point.”

"In the latest leaked recordings, the group’s leader said he anticipated attending more March For Life events in 2022. (The recordings came before a draft document showed that the Supreme Court was likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.)" the Beast report added.

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