GOP strategist uses CNN to plead with party to do something about Paul Gosar
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A discussion on CNN with a Republican Party strategist about the GOP's big win took a sudden turn on Tuesday morning when the topic turned to Rep. Paul Gosar's tweets expressing violent fantasies where he kills Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY) and menaces President Joe Biden.

Speaking with host Kate Bolduan, GOP consultant Doug Heye's sunny talk about Glenn Youngkin's win in Virginia disappeared in a cloud of gloom with regard to the problem the Arizona Republican is creating for conservatives.

After pointing out Gosar's tweets and a phone threat delivered to Rep Fred Upton (R- MI) by a fan of Donald Trump, the CNN host asked, "It's a problem for [House Minority] Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), but do you have any belief that he'll do anything to address any of this?"

"You know, I hope so," Heye fretted. "I don't know at this point. I would say, 'Kevin [McCarthy], you need to do something here, [GOP Whip] Steve [Scalise], you need to do something here' -- this hasn't happened in a vacuum."

"You covered all this Kate when [former Democratic Rep] Gabby Giffords was shot, when the baseball practice for Republicans was interrupted by gunfire, Steve Scalise was shot -- obviously January 6th," he added. "And what I worry about is, if we don't condemn this, both leaderships, if we don't condemn this, and that is Republican and Democratic leadership, and censure Paul Gosar, then what we do is we essentially is we sacrifice whoever that next member of Congress who suffers violence may be."

"It may be a Democrat, it may be a Republican, we don't know," he continued. "But somebody's going to get hurt again. We see this not just here but internationally as well where there are assassinations and attacks."

"The question then becomes -- and I mean this -- is that violence worth getting the majority back? Because that's what you weigh, it seems, sadly," the CNN host suggested.

"No, it's not,": he shot back. "That's where Republican leadership needs to step up here. We need to be able to condemn our members who say and do these kinds of terrible things that don't just put one or two members in Congress but really every member of Congress in jeopardy."

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