Nancy Pelosi goes scorched earth on Trump while praising Joe Biden's approach to 'thug' Putin
CNN screenshot

At the tail end of an long interview with CNN's Dana Bash, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blistered former president Donald Trump over his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin who she bluntly described as a "thug."

"Well, I'm very proud of the fact that the president [Joe Biden] is in Europe saying we're back," the Democratic leader told the "State of the Union" host. "We're back for climate. We're back for an open society.

Asked about President Biden's plans to meet with Putin, Pelosi said it was a good idea before she launched into a review of Trump's relationship with the Russian strongman.

"Now let's just make a contrast," she began. "The president -- former president of the United States, for whatever reason, whether the Russians had personal, political or financial leverage over him, kowtowed, catered to Putin in a way that was humiliating to the United States of America. And when, when Putin hears about some of the violations of the rights of his own people, he laughs."

"This is a thug. This is a thug," she repeated. "But he is head of an important state in terms of the issues you raise. The president should meet with him, and I think he's going to meet a very different president than one who was at the mercy of Putin."

Watch below:

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