Woman bludgeoned to death in Pennsylvania office building -- 10 people witnessed it but no one intervened: police

A man bludgeoned a 31-year-old woman to death as she sat inside a Pennsylvania office reception area, striking her from behind with a metal pipe as she sat, according to local news outlet 6ABC.

According to police, the suspect was a 48-year-old male who was carrying two metal pipes that were approximately two-feet long. Neither the suspect or the victim have immediately been identified.

The woman was identified as a “team leader” in the building and was struck at least five times in the head. She died later at the hospital.

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“We know that they know each other. We believe there may have been some arguments or problems in the past, however, we are still working on that information,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told 6ABC, adding the incident could have been a dispute over rent. Police say the suspect was renting one to two units on the eighth floor of the building where the victim also worked.

Witnesses phoned 911 during the attack but never intervened. Police say they interviewed 10 witnesses -- all who did nothing as the woman was killed.

The suspect was arrested at the scene and charges are pending.

Police: Woman beaten to death with pipe in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood www.youtube.com

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